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March 2019 Above & Beyond Award: Shawn McCormick

Shawn McCormick

EMS Paramedic


Nominated By: Jaclyn Neveu

Shawn has been an integral member of the Bristol Hospital EMS team for 16 years as a paramedic. Being a licensed paramedic for 19 years, he has treated thousands of patients with compassion and quality. Shawn also served as a supervisor for several years and was always available to help out crew members on critical calls. Even being busy with supervisory tasks, he never says "no" to helping a crew complete a challenging call. Everyone knew that as a supervisor, Shawn would have our backs no matter what. As a road paramedic, Shawn will work multiple overtime shifts a week to help when shifts are short-staffed, including overnights and weekends. The extra effort on his part helps to ensure that Bristol has dedicated paramedics readily available to help its citizens in times of crisis. Well loved by all crew members and Bristol Hospital staff, many would agree that it is a relief to see Shawn walking into a call as they know that things will be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Shawn is one of the hardest working members of the team and truly deserves this nomination.  Shawn has been with Bristol Hospital EMS for 16 years.

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