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Proud to Serve: On-line with the Middletown Fire Department

MIDDLETOWN  -- As fire departments across the country look to add more skills to their job description, the Middletown Fire Department continues to push that envelope, or, in this case, go over the edge.

On a recent weekday morning at a working pump house in town, a shift of firefighters performed “confined space training”.

“We base our training off of calls we’ve had in the past along with the hazards we have in the community," said Lieutenant Nick Mayo, one of the team leaders.

For their training in the pump house, the team lowered firefighter Mike Fraenza about 70 feet down to the floor of the pump house.

With the rope tech team assembled above, Fraenza was training to save a potential victim incapacitated on the floor of the pump house.

“We have specialized teams in Middletown, we have a dive team, a marine opps team, and a rope tech team, so much different training goes on,” he added.

After the rope tech team successfully went through the iterations of their training, Battalion Chief Sal S’Aquila said, “everybody is here to do this job, help the public, and keep each other safe.”

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