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NORTH HAVEN -- No arrest has been made yet, but North Haven Police Department said that they know who is responsible for hitting and killing a 57-year-old mother walking with her family along the very busy Ridge Road late Monday afternoon.

Police have also seized the red 2008 Ford Fusion they said killed Maureen Munzner, near Hickory Hill Rd.

At 5:30 Monday afternoon, an accident many residents of Ridge Road feared would happen, finally did.

"I was draining my pool in the backyard and I heard the most horrendous, it sounded just like two cars like a head on collision," said Dennis Buller, who lives across the street from the accident scene.

Then, Buller ran around his house to see Munzner laying in the road motionless as her walking partners - her husband, hysterical 15 year-old-son and the family dog - were close by.

"We put the blanket over her and you know I checked and she just, there was nothing going on," Buller said.

Buller said Maureen's husband told him she diverted off of the sidewalk and on to the edge of busy Ridge Road only because snow and ice covered the sidewalk.

Almost immediately, a red 2008 Ford Fusion hit her and took off.

"It was a horrific scene, obviously," Buller said.

She was walking with traffic at her back, which Ridge Road residents advise against.

"Normally, a motorist will see you and will give you the room, but, if they don’t see you, you can see that kind a drift toward you and I just head right into the lawn," said Andy Lawrence, while he was walking his dog Tuesday afternoon.

And residents also said speed has always a problem on this street.

"They’re going 65-70 and they’re just going," said Buller. "I mean, it’s like a drag strip."

Maureen Munzner leaves behind two teenage sons. The eldest today placed flowers on the spot where his mother was killed.

Mrs. Munzner was a valued parent volunteer for North Haven High School's theater program.

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