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Windsor’s Primo primed to get back in the game

WINDSOR – Primo Spears has got game and he believes he’s blessed to say that.

The Windsor High School junior has spent much of the last 18 months rehabbing from a devastating injury that happened at a summer basketball league game in Harlem, New York.

While blocking a shot on defense, Spears fell violently on his elbow, it resulted in a myriad of injuries to his arm and hand from a broken radial head, to ruptured ligaments, to broken bones in around his elbow.

There was concern Spears would never be able to play the game he loves again.

“Nobody gave up on me when I was down,” Spears said during a recent practice at Windsor High School.

Spears was treated at Hartford Hospital where he endured three surgeries and, subsequently, did his rehabilitation at Hartford Hospital’s new Bone and Joint Institute. Spears returned to the court for his junior year just a few months ago and has led the Windsor Warriors to their first conference championship since 2013.

Dr. Kevin Burton, Primo’s orthopedic surgeon, said “he is miraculous, a great success story.  He (Primo) had a lot of hurdles, a ton of rehab to do. I’m thrilled for him.”

Spears, a six foot guard, is now being scouted by a number of Division one basketball programs added, “Believe anything is possible. I have come back better than I was before I got hurt and here I am now.”

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