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WorkinCT: Daswani Clothiers in West Hartford has been outfitting men for 40 years.

WEST HARTFORD --  It’s a store that has outfitted men for more than four decades. Daswani Clothiers in West Hartford is now in its third generation.

“My grandfather was in textiles. My father was a direct seller out of Hong Kong. He would come to the States maybe six, seven times a year, travel to Boston, New York, all the way to Cleveland, and eventually found Hartford by accident and settled here, catering to clothing all the insurance companies,” said Manoj Daswani, Daswani Clothiers Owner.

More than forty years later, the store still focuses on menswear but has expanded beyond suits. It aims to dress men for all aspects of life.

Manoj Daswani says the majority of the business has been on building relationships and being involved in the community. The store looks to stay ahead of the game and see what’s new. It’s something Daswani says the customers expect.

“We like to think that we know our customers and what they want and how to give them something more than what they came in looking for,” said Daswani.

“We try to slow down the process. What are you doing? What is your job? What are you doing day-to-day in the garment? Because we might know that whatever they’ve been buying hasn’t been working,” said Matthew Banever, Daswani Clothiers Store Manager.

It’s about a relationship with the customer and giving him a quality suit that lasts.

“A large part of our business is custom because we try to cater to every single person who walks through that door, not matter what your fit and no matter what your taste,” said Banever.

This year, the store is taking that a step further, concentrating on direct selling which brings Daswani Clothiers to you.

“Whether it’s your office, whether it’s your kid’s baseball game, we come to you. We basically take the in-store experience and bring it to your home,” said Cory Hightower, a Daswani Clothiers Menswear Stylist.

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