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Woman trying to find hospital for an overdosing friend ends up flipping truck in Hartford

HARTFORD — Police say a driver who was rushing her friend to the hospital collided with a CT Transit Bus in Hartford Monday morning.

According to police, the passenger was in the midst of an overdose, and the female driver was in a panicked rush. In the panic, police say the truck she was driving clipped an SUV at a stoplight, and then hit the bus and flipped over.

First responders on scene administered narcan to the overdose victim, and they were taken to the hospital. The driver of the SUV was originally put on a stretcher, but officials say they weren’t taken to the hospital.

Crews on scene say it’s believed the driver was not from the Hartford area, and had tried going to Mount Sinai but there was no emergency department.

There were no reported injuries to the female driver of the truck or bus. There were no passengers on the bus.

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