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For golf diehards, some early season swings begin

ELLINGTON -- To swing just before the season of spring in Ellington: That’s the objective at Rolling Meadows Golf Club where each year their collective aim isn’t just to hit the pin, it’s to open the course to golfers as early as possible.

They are just one of a few courses in the state to do so.

A day before the official start of spring, Rolling Meadows made golfing available to players – anyone game enough to work on their game in what were 30 and 40 degree temperatures with a good breeze blowing.

“Golf seasons is here, spring is here, and we are ready to go,” said head professional Steve Carle after chipping a few shots to the flag stick closest to the clubhouse. Carle added, “Hopefully now we will have golf throughout the year, the Masters is coming up, and everyone is excited.”

Only a few intrepid players were willing to brave the cold weather on Tuesday at Rolling Meadows.

Mike Lee, from Enfield, had his run of the front nine.  “There are a handful of us that try and get out here as much as possible,” Lee said as he took hold of a drive on the first tee.  Lee added is was good to get back out on the course, “just the fact that the grass is green and the gate is open and we’re swinging.”

Here a few courses open for play this early in the season:

Rolling Meadows Country Club

Top Stone Golf Course

Shennecossett Golf

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