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Middle school students in Meriden out sick from flu and cold like symptoms

MERIDEN — School officials in Meriden say they are taking precaution after more than a hundred students called out sick this week at Washington Middle school.

The school began to notice a more than normal amount of absences on Monday.

“We were contacted by the school but also parents that concerns about their children going home sick and wondering if it was something major so when we were contacted by the school we looked at the attendances rates,” Assistant Superintedent Miguel Cardona said.

School officials they average between 92 to 93 percent at Washington. That number was at 87 and 88 percent on Monday and Tuesday, then 85 percent on Wednesday.

Grandparent Donald Petrucelli said while having to keep your child when they are sick at home may not be ideal for some, it’s the right thing to do.

“Keep the kids home if they are sick they shouldn’t be in school and not pass it around to other kids, that’s not the right thing to do,” Petrucelli said.

School officials Washington middle school has been sprayed. While other schools are not experiencing the same numbers, they plan to do they same as a precaution.

“We get our feedback from the health department also. We contacted the health department to make sure that they felt it was time to send out a letter, a precautionary letter and we are going to do that through the whole district,” Cardona said.

The school nurse can not confirm if a child has the flu or just a common so it up a parent to monitor symptoms and contact their physician if needed.

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