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Snow falling hard across Litchfield County

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LITCHFIELD - Snow was falling throughout Connecticut Friday afternoon.

Several residents in Litchfield County said they are looking forward to warmer weather and no snow.

“I looked out the window and I was like ‘oh my God, it’s snowing again,’ “ said Alec Zappone of Morris.

Just when the snow disguised itself as rain in the beginning, it eventually turned into fat flakes of snow which made it a bit slippery for road conditions.

“In the beginning of the winter, it’s not bad but I’m getting a little tired of it, said John Jacobs of Litchfield.

The messy weather, however, did not stop people from stocking up some groceries at Stop & Shop. One of their employees, Anthony Izzi said he has gotten used to it since he is responsible for collecting all the shopping carts.

“I’m more annoyed if anything. Like not depressed or anything. I’m like used to this,” said Izzi of Bethlehem.

Bridget McQuillan said she is used to it too, but scraping and shoveling has become a nuisance.

“I work here in town, so I drive to work every day in the snow and it’s been kind of horrible and shoveling the snow is really bad in Litchfield,” said McQuillan of Litchfield.

Let us not forget the fact that it was Thursday when everyone was eating Dairy Queen ice cream cones and Italian Ice as a way to say goodbye to winter.

Many are hopeful this snow is just a one day thing.

“It’s almost April. Baseball season ... opening day is Thursday. Let’s get it going!” said Michael McQuillan of Litchfield.

“I like snow because I like to snow ski, but spring was two days ago?” said Jesse Choate of Morris.



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