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Waterbury residents hear from GOP leaders about toll plan

WATERBURY – As legislation that could lead to electronic tolls on Connecticut highways advances, Waterbury residents gathered to hear from Republican lawmakers who stand against tolling.

Governor Ned Lamont has focused his proposal to install tolls on Interstates 86, 91, 95 and Route 15. State Representative Laura Devlin (R) said the move to install tolls is not about fixing highways.

“This is a money grab,” said Devlin.

That’s why Republican lawmakers have been holding informational meetings all over the state, talking to citizens about the cons of tolling.

“We got a lot of passion in these groups,” said Devlin.

“The people who seem to be working very hard in this city are the ones who seem to be suffering the most,” said Carolyn Byrnes of Waterbury.

“My husband and I are not in favor of the tolls,” said Arlene Morin of Waterbury.

While dozens of people opposed to tolls gathered at Waterbury’s Crosby High School Thursday night, some toll-supporters joined in, too.

“I don’t want my grandchildren paying for something we’re doing today,” said Thomas Yates of Stratford. “Spread it around so everybody pays.”

Yates said he thinks Connecticut tolls would lead to faster travel times, less delays and more bridge projects across the state.

Nate Brown of Waterbury agreed.

“It’s going to be beneficial when it comes to years down the road when we start rebuilding,” said Brown.

Republican lawmakers said they plan to continue holding these meetings in cities and towns across the state to talk with residents.

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