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Manchester restaurant to close its doors after 37 years

MANCHESTER —  Most people have a go-to place they can depend on for a quick bite during the week or a nice Sunday brunch, but for the residents of Manchester, the Adams Mill Restaurant was much more for them.

According to their Facebook page, the owners recall hosting birthdays, engagements, showers and weddings with their guests over the last 37 years and now the town landmark is in its final weeks of business.

Courtesy Adams Mill

Deb and Tony Scarpace announced the closing, reporting the building will be closed and renovated for a couple months, then open as a brand new business as investors have planned.

After nearly four decades of serving their community, the post thanked everyone whose made an impact on the restaurant’s success — town officials, occasional guests and their regulars.

“We have made many friendships with so many of you and you will all be missed greatly. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

As they approach the deadline to close their doors, Deb and Tony outlined “the amazing ride” would not have been possible without their “ever-supportive” employees.

“We watched some of you grow from your first job, going off to college, and even returning for your weddings, baby showers, christenings and the unfortunate memorials of your loved ones,” the owners wrote. “One of our previous employees said to me, ‘I learned everything I know from the Adams Mill, and I apply it every day to my full-time job.’ That, too, was an incredible compliment. You will all be missed.”

The Adams Mill Restaurant’s final day of business will be April 28  for its last Sunday brunch.

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