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FOX61 Student News: Jonathan Law Color Guard

Story by Cameron Asmussen - Jonathan Law High School

MILFORD - The Jonathan Law Color Guard team is tossing its way into the hearts of audiences across the state.

Color Guard is an artistic sport that combines the likes of music, props, and choreography to provide an impressive and unique kind of entertainment.

Through the workings of interpretive dance, the shows can mean a lot and have a powerful message while at the same time showing the skill of the performers.

Jonathan Law’s Color Guard coach, Pam Rossman, says that Color Guard is an exciting experience for the teens.

“I love Color Guard because I have seen it impact the lives of so many young people,” Rossman said. “It’s something that has personally affected me. There is so much positivity in it. It’s the perfect blend of self-expression and sportsmanship and it’s just fun.”

Most teams begin practicing in July and have practice every week. Color Guard teams in high schools across Connecticut are working hard practicing for their turn to show what they’ve got.

Senior Jonathan Law Color Guard member Stefanie Lojko says that while it is challenging, she balances school work with practice time.

“This year I was lucky enough to not have teachers that gave a lot of homework, but Pam (Rossman) always encourages us to do our school work first because that always comes first. It’s not too hard balancing,” Lojko said.

Competitions started in late January. There is one competition every weekend until April, so teams have a lot chances to shine. Members of the Jonathan Law Color Guard hope to catch as many first places as they can during competition season.

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