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Daytrippers: The Greatest Show on Earth

BRIDGEPORT -- Looking for a carnival atmosphere?

It's here,  a shrine to the greatest showman, the Pt Barnum Museum in Bridgeport.

“To come in really hear Barnum story which is controversial and some ways and really not at all in a lot of ways. Come and learn the truth behind it” says Kathleen Maher

You’ll even find a bit of Capital City history here too.

“This is actually the top hat we believe that Barnum wore the day of his wedding to charity in 1829 and it’s actually a Hartford hatting manufacturer” according to  Maher.

Maher said, “When Barnum  created the greatest show on earth that was never actually called a circus. A circus was a component the greatest show on earth had a museum tent. Fine arts tent and everything so it was truly something for everyone”

You’ll find that, and a whole lot more at the PT Barnum Museum in Bridgeport

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