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Thousands left in the dark as crews work to repair power outage in Milford

MILFORD - Crews have been working to turn the lights back on after more than a thousand people lost power late Wednesday afternoon.

“I thought it was like a car fire with the power. I thought somebody hit a pole,” said Joe Jaquith of Milford.

Jaquith lived on West River Street and saw smoke and flames coming from the ground.

“I saw that a power line was down and it lit the ground on fire actually,” added Jaquith.

Milford Police immediately closed down part of West River Street as crews worked hard to repair the power line. This caused some traffic on what is typically a busy area.

The north and south end of North Street also had an outage because a tree limb had fallen onto the wires.

Jaquith said luckily, if an outage was to happen any day, he is relieved it happened on a nice day.

“Again, it’s not cold. It’s not hot. We have flashlights so we’ll be alright,” added Jaquith.

Sandy Souden and his wife were amongst many to stand outside anxiously waiting for answers from utility crews.

“Of course everything’s an inconvenience! I’ve had worse inconveniences in my life,” said Souden of Milford. “If worst comes to worst, you just get in the far and you go somewhere else to go to the grocery store or something if you have to use the facilities at all.”

According to The United Illuminating Company, the number of outages in Milford as of Wednesday evening has been reduced to around 400.

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