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Parents, students say BOE not being honest about bed bugs issue at a Waterbury high school

WATERBURY - A Waterbury high school is apparently dealing with a bed bug problem. And, parents and students of Waterbury Career Academy say they are frustrated.

According to the Waterbury Board of Educations, WCA staff immediately addressed the issue and collaborated with the City Health Department and the School Facilities Division and the bus company. However, but they didn't keep everyone in the loop.

Dr.Lindsay Roberts, Hartford HealthCare Go Health Urgent Care says, "My understanding is that bed bugs are difficult to eradicate and best option is evaluation by a pest control professional. "Clothing and other washable items can be washed and dried on high heat to kill the bed bugs. For the itching caused by bites, people can try a topical steroid cream or antihistamine, like benadryl or zyrtec. "

The BOE acknowledged, in a statement released Wednesday, that they recently received a report of one bed bug at Waterbury Career Academy and have cleaned all potentially impacted areas.

Families say that's not true.

"First, they said it was only one and that they had it cleared up, but today we found 12 in one of the classrooms," said student Alyssa McKoy, who said today's discovery was in her homeroom.

"I haven’t went there since," she added.

"My son, he notified me via text message that there was an issue going on with bedbugs being found in the school," said parent Janita Jackson, on her way into the school to pick up her son. "So, I called up to the school. I spoke to the secretary. I asked if they were sending out any notifications to the parents."

She says the secretary said no because there was only one bedbug and the health department took care of it.

"And, I’m like, 'OK, you know, I’ve come from a situation where I’ve had to deal with those things and I’ve lost everything that belonged to me.' Where there is one, there’s many," Jackson said.

One student said some of his peers even called the police about the problem.

"I don’t wanna be here to be honest," said Isaiah Young, another student.

"I think they need to evacuate (the school) so they can properly do whatever needs to be done so this problem doesn’t persist," said McKoy.

One student said she saw furniture being taken out of the school wrapped in plastic and that cleaning was taking place.

The BOE, which declined Fox 61's interview request, said in a statement there is no risk of harm to students, staff or visitors.


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