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Pitching their wood bats in Waterbury

WATERBURY – Baseball is back and the hits keep coming for a Waterbury father and son business.

What began in an eight by eight backyard shed four years ago has grown to a more than 3000 square foot workshop off East Aurora Street where Freddie Vargas, Junior stays busy with his father, Freddie, making custom handmade baseball bats.

They call their company “Tater Bats”, “Tater actually means Home Run”, Vargas, Jr said, “so now I’m just trying to bring it back.” Already about 10 Major Leaguers are taking their cuts with Tater Bats. “The best sales reps for Tater Bats are actually the guys using the bats,” Vargas Jr said and added that MLB stars like Starling Marte of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Yan Gomes of the Washington Nationals are currently stepping up to the plate with his product in hand.

Vargas Jr added that the Canadian Maple that is used in the crafting of a Tater Bat makes all the difference. “The only way to make sure it’s the best quality is to do it yourself,” he said. Vargas Jr said it takes about six hours to complete a handmade bat and he’s hoping the word of mouth spreads throughout the game. “I’m just looking forward to whatever good things happen.”

Tater Bats also sells baseball mitts and batting gloves, to find out more about Tater Bats https://www.taterbats.com/


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