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Torrington man sues former employer for alleged treatment following Las Vegas massacre

NEW HAVEN - A Torrington man has filed a lawsuit claiming his former employer discriminated against him in the aftermath of the deadly mass shooting at a concert in Las Vegas a year and a half ago, at which his father-in-law was killed.

Among Charles Giampaolo’s claims: His employer mocked him each time he left work for a therapy session to deal with what he saw at that horrific scene, which led to a PTSD diagnosis.

Giampaolo's New Haven based attorney, Amanda DeMatteis, says her client used to love his job, as Sales Manager for Torrington’s Elevator Service Company, Inc.

He arrived early, went home late, felt like a real part of the owners families and increased revenues for the company by 30 percent in his management role over two years.

But, that all changed after he returned from that deadly Vegas concert.

CJ Giampaolo was not permitted to speak with Fox 61, but his attorney says the shock of standing next to his father in law, as he was one of dozens of concert goers killed October 1st, 2017, in Las Vegas, has changed him forever.

“CJ's PTSD manifests itself in claustrophobia, sleeplessness, panic, I need to get out of a situation. His anxiety is heightened,” said DeMatteis.

Actually, three of Giampaolo’s family members were shot at that country concert. And, the suit alleges, after he told his employer, of his PTSD, they treated him differently.

He was told he had a bad attitude and that he was different,” said DeMatteis.

“We believe that the allegations in the complaint support our claim of a hostile work environment, retaliation and disability discrimination under the Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act,” she said.

The suit claims he was told to "suck it up" and, when his sales commissions were slashed month after month, following his PTSD revelation, and he asked Steven Roth, an owner, why?

“We allege, instead of providing CJ with an answer, he told him that October had come and gone and he needed to get over it,”  DeMatteis said.

Because of what he felt was a constant beat down, Giampaolo resigned a year ago and still hasn't received sales commissions he is owed, according to his attorney.

The company has not responded to Fox 61’s request for comment. Giampaolo is presently working full-time, in sales, in another industry.

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