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Legislative committee approves bill that could lead to legalizing marijuana sales

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HARTFORD – The Judiciary Committee voted on legalizing recreational marijuana and those votes were still coming down Monday evening.

So far, the results have shown members are in favor of the bill.

Senator Dennis Bradley was one of many Democrats to show support for the bill. The measure would give people who have been convicted of minor marijuana offenses in the past a second chance.

Senator Douglas McCrory said all they would have to do is show a police report and their record would be erased.

“If you’re convicted of any substance like cannabis, you cannot get scholarships to go to college, you cannot live in public housing, there are certain jobs you cannot have,” said Senator Douglas McCrory, a Democrat.

Another outspoken voice is Adam Wood, co-director of the Marijuana Policy Project. He said legalizing it would make no difference since people are using it now anyways and people would still find other ways to get their hands on it.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent right now on the black market in our state on marijuana. This is a significant step forward towards legalizing it and regulating it,” said Wood.

On the flip side, Republicans are strongly against it. Senator Craig Fishbein threw a statistic out there and referenced the federal government who have said it is worse than cocaine.

Senator Tom O’Dea talked about the dangers it would have on teens’ health since their brains are still developing.

Once the bill is voted out of committee, it will go to the General Assembly.

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