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Experts say run ins with moose or bears can be dangerous

Moose and ...bear?

Moose sightings have increased in Connecticut. On Monday one of the beasts was spotted in Suffield which lead DEEP to remind drivers to take precaution and be alert when driving in moose prone areas. A run in with a moose is more dangerous than one with a deer due to their size and stature.

But you are more likely to spot a bear than a moose. Last year alone there were 9,000 reported bear sightings across Connecticut. Where as a moose, according to DEEP over the course of six years there has been just about 44.

Paul Rego, a wild life biologist, explains that it's not the increasing population that is a concern. "Another phenomena going on bears are getting accustomed to people, and that is a growing issue because those bears with frequently interact with humans"

DEEP urging people to never approach a bear and feed a bear directly or indirectly. Now would be a good time to remove your bird feeders.

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