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Report: Connecticut ranked as the #4 safest state from burglary

HARTFORD — While lawmakers are constantly thinking of ways to improve Connecticut, home security might not be on the top of their lists, as the state ranked fourth in the country for the fewest home break-ins in 2019.

ASecureLife.com released Tuesday its newest report: “States with the Most and Fewest Break-Ins.”

The system examined every state’s most recent break-in and burglary data provided by the FBI to determine and organize the top-ten states with the fewest and most break-ins per 100,000 inhabitants.

According to the report, the state of New York presents the least risk for burglary.

However, residents of New Mexico are the most likely to experience a break-in.

ASecureLife.com says the East Coast is safer from burglaries as a whole. In fact, nine of the top 10 states with the fewest break-ins are on that side of the map.

“We’re not exactly sure why these states have fewer break-ins, but it could have to do with higher population densities, and more apartment building and high rises that make burglary more difficult,” the report stated.

The report also shares safety tips to prevent break-in including: lock your doors and windows, get to know your neighbors, store valuables inside and invest in a home security system.

Check out the full ASecureLife report here.

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