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WALLINGFORD - Governor Ned Lamont revealed just how much tolls would cost you on your commute.

Republicans reacted at a packed forum Wednesday evening on the issue in Wallingford.

It was standing room only at the forum to the point where people flooded out to the hallway.

“I don’t want to have to pay a dime more in taxes than I have to,” said Richard Kronbel of Wallingford.

Kronbel is not alone. He and almost everyone in the forum raised their hand to say no to tolls. However, Kronbel said he also understands the money has to come from somewhere.

“I think the roads and the bridges and the rails need maintenance and I don’t know where else the money comes from,” added Kronbel.

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Several Republican lawmakers were in attendance. One of them was Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano who said improving infrastructure is a priority for all lawmakers, but believed there are other ways to do so.

“I don’t think we need to pickpocket the Connecticut residents. It’s a tax monster that’s going to get under our tent and every year, you’re going to see that go up,” said Sen. Len Fasano.

Many people want to know just how much would it cost Connecticut drivers to get from point A to point B within the state.

Governor Ned Lamont provided more details on that Wednesday afternoon and said those who have an EZ pass would pay anywhere from 25 to 30 cents per gantry. Lamont fired back at Republicans and called their version of the DOT map the “measles map.”

“That’s false advertising. No more than 50 gantries and not more than the four major thruways that we’ve identified - that’s 95, 91, 84 and the Merritt,” said Governor Lamont.

Lamont added 40-percent is the revenue from tolls would be paid for by out-of-state drivers. Richard Dupuis from Wallingford does not believe that.

“I think they’re going to go for the less tolls and go up New York and to Mass and avoid Connecticut altogether,” said Dupuis of Wallingford.

Meghan Portfolio with NoTollsCT.Org collected signatures at the forum and said they have gotten close to 100-thousand signatures so far, including online.

“It’s going to deter me from maybe going to the mall in another town. I live in Middletown. Am I going to go to the Meriden mall? Because I know I’m going to have to pay a toll or am I going to go to the Waterbury mall? Like probably not!” said Portfolio of Middletown.

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