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Waterbury Stop & Shop strike means an empty parking lot

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WATERBURY - The strike for Stop & Shop workers across the state continued for a second day.

Workers did not give up in fighting for their future without pay.

The Stop & Shop on Wolcott Street in Waterbury is typically very busy but on Friday, the parking lot was practically empty as everyone shuffled across the street to ShopRite.

“I’m afraid to cross the picket line,” said Lena Geraci of Wolcott.

Former grocery store worker Lena Geraci said she is not a fan of ShopRite but is now forced to get her groceries there because she wants to show support for the Stop & Shop workers by not shopping there. Her experience at ShopRite, she said was a difficult one.

“I just like Stop & Shop better. I’m used to it. I know where everything is. I went around the store and it took me probably a half hour longer to get what I need,” added Geraci of Wolcott.

Loyal Stop & Shop customers like Andrea Simmons said she only went inside to go to her bank which is something the workers appreciated.

“I think it’s unfair that the employees of Stop & Shop have to work for such little wages and every Stop & Shop that I have gone in ... all of the employees are courteous,” said Simmons of Wolcott.

The parking lot of ShopRite was full to the last spot. Gloria Sanchez, a Stop & Shop customers said picking up what she needed took longer than necessary.

“It was difficult because we usually do couponing and then we don’t know where things are in here so we’re like circling the supermarket,” said Sanchez of Waterbury.

Meanwhile, some are finding the change to be refreshing.

“I’m actually liking ShopRite a lot more right now. They’re open, they’re nice, a lot of area,” said Guilbert Dominguez of Waterbury.

The Stop & Shop on Wolcott Street usually closes late but because of the strike, it closed early.

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