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Local leaders react to Trump’s proposal to send detained immigrants to sanctuary cities

HARTFORD — The National stalemate over border security has taken new roots locally after the Trump Administration suggested sending detained immigrants to so-called sanctuary cities across the U-S.

Only a few communities in Connecticut officially call themselves “sanctuary cities” but more have drafted resolutions to prevent local law enforcement from acting as an arm of the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin called called President Trump’s proposal, not serious.

We should push for a serious conversation about comprehensive immigration reform and about responsible responses to the increase in migration at the southern border and as a city, we should do what we always do. Try to run the best city we can and recognize that this is a city that has been strengthened by generation after generation by immigration,” said Bronin.

Hartford, along with New Haven and other Connecticut communities have directed local law enforcement not to enforce federal immigration detainer requests. New Haven Mayor Toni Harp said, “For New Haven, we open our arms to those fleeing oppression and that should the President wish to send people here who want to be our neighbors and who want to build a life that contributes to our community, we welcome them with open arms.”

The White House says the proposal is to alleviate a shortage of detention space, but it’s widely considered by Democrats to be a political attack as retaliation for Democrats refusing to fund a border wall.

 “Donald Trump is trying to do what he always does, which is create chaos and fear that he can then exploit for political purposes,” said Bronin.

FOX61 asked Governor Ned Lamont what he thought about the rhetoric coming out of Washington.

“I just think it’s absurd. What you don’t want to do is give folks even more incentive to cross illegally into this country and then doing just that with a ridiculous threat along those lines,” said Gov. Lamont.

Bussing migrants detained from the caravan has been floated twice in the last six months. 

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