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Chants of ‘Black Lives Matter’ echo in New Haven following police involved shooting

NEW HAVEN — Chants of “Black Lives Matter” are echoing across the city of New Haven Tuesday after an officer involved shooting.

The actions of Hamden and Yale Police Officers are causing controversy and community outrage.

“I feel he needs to be put up on some charges,” said Rodney Williams. He’s referring to the officers involved.

Williams is the uncle of the Suspect, who he identified as Pauley Green of Hamden.

FOX61 obtained surveillance video where you can see an officer get out of his patrol car and fire several shots at the suspect car and then take cover. Moments later, the suspect vehicle was surrounded by more officers and the two suspects were pulled out.

The incident all started following an alleged armed robbery and pursuit that started at the GO-ON gas station in Hamden just before 4:30 Tuesday morning.

Trooper Josue Dorelus of the Connecticut State Police said, “The victim in this incident was a newspaper delivery man who indicated that the suspect involved in this incident had an unknown weapon.”

But no weapon was ever found. Police said the suspect didn’t follow verbal commands.

“Directives to hop out of the vehicle in a peaceful manner and show ones hands. Those directives weren’t being adhered too,” said Trooper Dorelus.

The shots were fired after police pursued Green and the red Honda Civic he was driving. Police said it matched the description of the robbery car. They followed him to Argyle and Dixwell in New Haven where they boxed him in.

Trooper Josue Dorelus said Green, “Exited the vehicle in an abrupt manner, turned toward officers at which point officers fired.”

“This officer jumped out of the car, shot up into the car and then ran and hid behind a tree. I’m like what kind of training are we teaching these officers,” said Green’s Uncle.

Mayor Toni Harp didn’t mince words when commenting about the incident.

“I can’t imagine why they decided to fire,” she said. Shes taking action. “To talk to our neighboring mayors to see if we can involve their police force in some of the training our police get in New Haven.”

New Haven police were not involved in the shooting incident. State police are in charge of the investigation into the shooting. They aren’t identifying the officers involved but they did say they are on administrative leave pending an investigation.

The suspect, Pauley Green was arrested. His girlfriend was wounded by one of the bullets. She is expected to survive.

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