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Wethersfield High School auditorium becomes a real courtroom for a morning

WETHERSFIELD - Wethersfield High School students got an up close lesson on Connecticut’s system of justice as the state Appellate Court conducted hearings in the high school Tuesday.

And one Judge couldn’t wait for the opportunity to be part of these hearings.

"All rise," announce a judicial marshal. And, with that, court was in session, in the Wethersfield High School auditorium.

"Seeing the real deal and the bailiffs and the judge is asking important questions upon legal precedent was just very interesting to see the moment," said Christoper Heavren, a Wethersfield High School junior.

The students heard arguments in two appeals cases. One involved a murder and another governmental immunity.

"I just thought it was fascinating to listen to the lawyers and the evidence and all the work that went into it," said Natalie Casertano, a senior.

Fascinating enough to want to pursue a career in law?

"My mom says I’m really good at arguing," said another junior, with a smile.

The presiding judge today was the Honorable Christine E. Keller, who is a Wethersfield High School graduate.
"It was nice to be back and I actually asked if I could come when I heard it was going to be at Wethersfield High School," said Judge Keller.
The Connecticut Appellate Courts "On Circuit" program has been heard in many schools over the last 23 years.

"We want to do it so that members of the public and students can learn a little bit more about the law and about how it really operates," said Judge Keller.

After today’s arguments, the judges will take several months to render a decision. And, whoever loses Tuesday's appeals, will likely take their case to the Connecticut Supreme Court.

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