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Town of Norwalk, school system, officials to be sued after sensitive video of a child was posted on social media

NORWALK — A classroom video of a Norwalk elementary school student was posted on social media and now the student’s family attorney has filed a “statutory notice of claim” and  a “preservation of evidence” order to prepare their lawsuit.

The office of Michael J. London and Associates announced Wednesday the incident occurred on January 18, when a Jefferson Science Magnet School teacher,  recorded the misbehavior of an eight-year-old student on her cell phone and posted the video on social media.

The name of the student was not disclosed, as the child is a minor.

According to the offices statement, the student’s parents William Hornyak and Mary Ann Choeun, named the Town of Norwalk, superintendent of schools, school principal, vice principal and others along with the teacher, in the filings.

They’ve said the photographic images depict confidential, impermissible, and demeaning content, in violation of Board of Education policies.

Family attorney, Jeffrey L. Forte says this is also an example of cyber-bullying, but the adults are doing the bullying this time.

“Rather than deal professionally and ethically with a behavioral incident involving a minor child, [the teacher] chose instead to film the event and post the recording online, causing irreparable harm and humiliation to the child and her family.”

According to the claim, posting the video without parental consent constitutes violation of civil rights, invasion of privacy, eavesdropping, voyeurism, and unlawful dissemination of intimate images, among many other charges.

“Unfortunately, the nature of the Internet is such that this footage will be ‘out there’ forever. Posting it, without the consent of the child’s parents, has caused and will continue to cause the family psychological harm and suffering for the foreseeable future.”

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