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Parts of some towns and cities under water from flooded Connecticut River

GLASTONBURY - The Connecticut River has been flooded for the past couple of days from all the snow melt from far up north.

Several towns and cities have been seeing the effects and it is expected to get worse.

“This is probably the highest I’ve seen it since I’ve been here,” said Vincent Papa of Rocky Hill.

Papa lived on the upper floor of an apartment on Shadbush Drive in Rocky Hill. He said for the past couple of days, he has watched water rise up more and more.

“It’s definitely different you know it’s a little eerie sometimes especially like when the fog rolls in the morning let’s say and then you still see everything under water,” added Papa.

The rainstorm Sunday night into Monday morning and the snow melt from up north has contributed to the flooding, something longtime locals said is no surprise to them.

“This is the highest it’s been since we’ve been here and we’ve been here where there’s a storm or a lot of rain, we’ve come down to check it out and this is the highest it’s been,” said Albert DiChiara of Rocky Hill.

What used to be a park on Shadbush Drive is now under water.

“Well, what’s interesting to me is that is a park where people sit and if you see the green line out there, that’s a bench,” said Laura DiChiara of Rocky Hill.

Other areas had flooding as well. Only the top of the stop signs at the Great River Park in East Hartford were visible from afar and Welles Street in Glastonbury had water up to the stairs.

Not far from Welles Street was Ferry Lane where drivers were met by water rushing up onto the roadway and ducks treating it like it was a pond.

More rain is expected hit Friday night. Drivers should pay close attention to roads that may be closed in the coming days.

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