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Yale University releases name of officer involved in Tuesday’s police shooting

NEW HAVEN -- In release to Yale News, Yale University police have released the name of the officer involved in Tuesday's police shooting that left one woman injured.

is a 16-year veteran of the department, according to officials.

Officer Terrance Pollock. / Yale Police

Connecticut State Police say that Pollock had been injured during the course of events. Details have not been released yet, but State Police say any officer that's involved in a shooting incident are to be taken to the hospital for evaluation. The Yale officer was treated and released.


Black Lives Matter protesters continued to march the streets Wednesday evening, demanding Yale release the name of the officer. They made it clear they will continue to put Yale University on blast until they had that information.

The Hamden Police Department released the name of the officer seen firing several rounds in the surveillance footage.

Officer David Eaton

He has been identified as Devin Eaton.

Eaton, who has been a Hamden officer for nearly 3 years, has been placed on desk duty pending the outcome of the Connecticut State Police investigation into Tuesday’s shooting

Unreleased surveillance video appears to show Hamden officer fired first. 

There have been no arrests. 21-year-old Paul Witherspoon III, the driver of the Honda Civic that was shot at, was released and on charge by police Tuesday afternoon. His passenger, and girlfriend, 22-year-old Stephanie Washington, is recovering.

Wednesday afternoon, the mayors and police chiefs of Hamden and New Haven and Yale’s police chief conducted a teleconference with the states attorney's office to discuss how to respond to yesterday’s shooting. Then, they addressed the media about how they intend to tackle  issues that resulted from yesterday’s shooting.

“I just want you to know how troubled, concerned and frankly outraged I am by yesterday shooting,” said Mayor Toni N. Harp (D-New Haven).

A Yale student at the protest told FOX61 he is upset at how his University is handling the incident.

“Yale University has decided to sit behind their walls, sit behind their language and not come out and take responsibility for what happened. They need to take responsibility. They need to say their names and they need to fire the officer involved,” said Joshua Cayetano, a student.

Kerry Ellington, the face of several Black Lives Matter protests is demanding body cam footage to be released so the public can see the truth for themselves.

“So we would like the body cam footage released immediately. There’s no state law that says that the police department has to wait to reveal this footage,” said Ellington, a community organizer.

“We discussed that with the States Attorney today and we are willing to release whatever video or audio is not pertinent to the investigation that would take the investigation,” said Mayor Curt Leng (D-Hamden)

But, it won’t be immediate. It will likely be a couple of days before portions of these tapes are released.

“I appeal to this community join forces with us not divide during this moment and help me help us be part of the solution, help us be part of the healing,” said Acting Chief Otoniel Reyes of the New Haven Police Department.

And Hamden says their department will establish much better communication with New Haven police moving forward.

The officials acknowledged there is no policy that prevents police from pursuing suspects from one jurisdiction into another, but, they say, it is common courtesy to radio ahead.

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