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Gas prices on the rise in CT

HARTFORD --  The pain at the pump continues.

Gas prices have been steadily going up over the last 14 weeks. Gas has risen .60 cents since mid-February and is up .25 cents just this month alone putting a pinch on your wallet.

“I got three kids filling their cars up. It gets a little tough going to college and back,” said Mark Bryne of Tolland.
Bryne and his family aren’t the only ones noticing the prices ticking up but he knows this is just the way it is.
“People got to pay whatever it is,” said Bryne. “You have to make sacrifices somewhere else.”
Experts say gas prices will continue to inch up as we get closer to Memorial Day weekend. At the current pace, Connecticut’s average will peak over three-dollars a gallon. Some towns have already exceeded that mark
“It’s not the kind of news you want as you head into the busy summer driving season but I think people understand that it is that time of year,” said AAA spokeswoman Amy Parmenter.
Gas is nearing $3 across the state with New London and Norwich pushing $2.90 a gallon. Resident’s in New Haven are paying the lowest on average at $2.82. As a whole the state of Connecticut sits six cents higher than the national average.
“What’s interesting is we are very much on track for where we were last year at this time. I think we were $2.89 now we’re $2.90,” said Parmenter.
Parmenter doesn’t attribute the current rise of gas to anything other than typical gas trends, but, that could change in the future as Iranian sanctions could limit the world’s oil supply.
There are ways to find relief. AAA research has proven some helpful tips to follow.
“Most cars don’t need the expensive Blend of gasoline. Unless you’re driving manual specifically calls for it,” said Parmenter. “There’s really no point that would be a waste of money.”
Gas prices typically peak around the first week of June and level out over the summer.
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