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MILFORD-- Get ready - it’s mosquito season!

With temperatures on the rise, you’ll be swatting at more and more of them.

Residents like Mark Jurgot said since the city of Milford started its mosquito prevention program he has seen a decrease in activity.

Jurgot said, “Ever since they started spraying at the bird sanctuary the mosquito population has gone down, it used to be pretty bad back here.”

David Roach said his company AllHabitat Services helps keep activity down.

Roach said, “We’re controlling about 90 percent of the mosquitoes that are here and the remaining 10 percent are what people are complaining about, so imagine what would happen if we did nothing, it would be horrible.”

AllHabitat sprays for mosquitoes and helps prevent them from spreading and said the beginning of the season is the most vital time to treat watery areas.

Officials also warn homeowners to watch out for standing water not only in large swamp areas, but also the smallest amounts in things like children playscape.

Last year in Connecticut, there were 23 reported cases of the West Nile Virus and one confirmed death.

Officials said residents should always remain aware of ways to cut down on the risk of exposure.

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station monitors the mosquito population around the state testing them for West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

John Shepard is an assistant scientist with the monitoring station and said, “Certainly want to take protective measures making sure you are using repellants as necessary or covering up with clothing to prevent mosquito bites, also you want to reduce breeding habitats heard and around the home.”

Mosquito trapping will begin June 3rd and we will start to see if any mosquitoes are carrying the West Nile Virus by July.

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