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NEW LONDON-- Rain, and hail was a big issue across the state.

Several drivers  said the rain was manageable, but it did cause a hassle while driving during rush-hour.

Despite the rainy weather one dairy queen in Niantic said business was still brisk.

Kayla Cusano who is a shift leader at the ice cream establishment said, “It was gorgeous yesterday, we were busy all day because people were tired of the rain and then today because of the rain like obviously business has slowed down, but we still get people. People drive by and they see there is no line and they stop. I had a customer a minute ago and say ‘as soon as I saw nobody here, I got to stop by’. It’s just like a thing people love their ice cream regardless of the weather. “

Cusano says her weekend plans are looking dreary due to the weather forecast.

Cusano said, “I was going to go on a picnic with my boyfriend, but because of the rain we are going to skip the picnic”

Cusano plans may have failed, but the rain isn’t affecting everyone.

Timothy Bently said “I don’t think it will affect my weekend plans, first of all I just finished my week of work, so i get time off and i can relax get some things done at home just enjoy life.”

Moments got tense for other parts of the state like in Oxford where there was hail. A West Hartford viewer shared hail video on Twitter with the #Share61 hashtag.

There was even as an accident on I-95 near exit 3 on Williams street where a vehicle rolled over causing traffic delays.

We spoke with drivers who say even though there were accidents along the roadways driving conditions weren’t that bad.

Bently said, “It wasn’t too bad, it’s rain, as long as you slow down and take it easy it’s kind of like snow, but if you take it easy you should get to where you’re going.”

Now residents say they are just looking forward to better weather

Cusano said, “All the nice days we’ve had it’s been windy so it kind of kills the vibe and then now that it’s raining so i would like some nicer weather, so i can do some stuff outside instead of inside.

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