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Mother of New Haven driver shot at by cops has a message for ministers

HAMDEN - State police said last week it’s expected to take two or three months until the investigation into the officer involved shooting in New Haven April 16 is complete.

And, for the first time since the shooting, the mother, of the driver of the car that was riddled with bullets, spoke publicly.

Tuesday marks two weeks since the officer involved shooting at the corner of Dixwell Ave. and Argyle St. in New Haven spun out of control.

I always have this fear and this worry," said Keisha Greene, the mother of Paul Witherspoon, the driver of the car police were searching for following an alleged armed robbery.

"A lot of people say 'oh you know he wasn’t shot,' but you know with the trauma behind it, no, he wasn’t shot, but, to me, you might as well have been," said Greene, who spoke to the media near the intersection where her son and girlfriend, Stephanie Washington, were shot at by a Hamden officer and Yale University officer. Washington was shot in her torso and was released from the hospital last week.

Greene believes as many do.

"To me I feel like they should absolutely be fired," she said. "I mean, will they go to jail? I don’t know, but I would like to see them because if it was one of us and we in a shootout happen we would absolutely be locked under the jail."

Keisha Greene says while she appreciates the intentions of those protesting on behalf of her family, but is not pleased with some ministers response to the shooting.

"I see a lot of these ministers and they’re having these press conferences," she said. "Nobody has even invited me to attend any of these meetings."

And, she says, instead of preaching to the cameras, they should be more concerned with creating opportunities for the city’s youth through their churches during the week.

"Open them (churches) up and give these kids something to do," she said. "You don’t want to see these kids on the street, then open them up."

But, she says she is pleased with one person‘s response.

"The Mayor of Hamden (Curt Leng) has been excellent," Greene noted "Me and him sat down and had it like a two hour conversation. He’s been excellent. And I thank him for reaching out to my uncle and setting up the meeting."

She said she has not heard from Hamden's Acting Police Chief John Cappiello. She says she will soon be meeting with the President of Yale University, Peter Salovey.

Fox 61 has reached out to the attorney for Stephanie Washington, 22. He stated two weeks ago he would be issuing a statement on behalf of the woman's family, but has not yet.

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