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‘Reading of the names’ honors victims of the Holocaust

WEST HARTFORD --- People across the country and in Connecticut are coming together this week the read the names of the six million victims of the holocaust.

The reading of the names is a way to remember and honor the victims leading up to Yom HaShoah or Day of Remembrance.

The Mandell Jewish Community Center in partnership with Voices of Hope is one of the places this week people to read the names of  holocaust out loud.

“My grandparents are both holocaust survivors. They have now both passed away. Aside from coming and reading  the names in the book I actually bring my own family names and add those to the list,” Tracy Taback of South Windsor said.

Victims of the holocaust did not have graves, so the reading of the names is a chance for people all across the country to memorialize them.

“The reading of the names put a name to each person and its very, very important to remember that each person who perished in the holocaust was a person,” Voices of Hope Director of Programs Robin Landau said.

This year 25,000 of the six million names will be represented at the annual event.

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