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HARTFORD  -- The state of Connecticut is trying to convince drivers to leave their cars at home and choose another way to get around.

CTrides Drive Less is a campaign that lasts throughout the month of May. Officials said getting out of your car and into other modes of transportation can you get you out of traffic like this and help the environment.

Whether you are going to work or coming home. Mass transportation advocates said if you’re in a car you’re harming the environment.

Mary Sotos who is the Deputy Commissioner of Energy for DEEP said, “Anytime you go another mile in a single occupancy vehicle where you are burning gasoline or diesel, that’s contributing to greenhouse gas emissions that’s contributing to climate change.”

And that’s what Governor Ned Lamont said is one of the reasons why he declared may CTrides Drive less Connecticut month.

It’s a campaign using social media and ads to convince drivers to give up their car keys even if it’s temporary.

When asked why it was so impartnat for the city of Hartford and the state, Rich Andreski who is the Bureau Chief of Public Transportation said, “It’s important, because cars on roads create congestion increase stress levels… it’s costly, it’s costly to drive a car. So, it’s important to note that if you get out and try transit you can improve the environment, save money and you may have a little less stress.”

State officials said the campaign last may saved more than 26-thousand gallons of gas and prevented about 5-hundred and 18 thousand pounds of emissions

Sotos said, “In the near term, in many urban centers like here in Hartford fewer trips by car actually do mean less pollution, less asthma at a local level, but in the long-term the more people are invested in public transportation the more willing we are to make that a core part of our society.”

Andreski chimed in and said, “We have frequent service, so in many cases you don’t even need a schedule. So really just come out try it… you have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.”

As an incentive the campaign is offering commuters weekly awards for those who participate.

Prizes range from discounts to free tickets to shows and attractions.

You can sign up here.

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