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HARTFORD --  Getting a second opinion on your roof may not be a bad idea especially after a storm that involves hail.

Most insurance companies only allow customers to make a claim one year to the date of the storm. Here in Connecticut we are closing in on May 15th fast.

May 15th 2018 severe weather tracked across our state, damaging winds and large hail falling from the sky.

FOX61’s Rachel Piscitelli spoke with a  home owner from East Hartland who was affected by the storm. She remembers the destruction left on her property however she explains she was shocked to learn she needed a new roof.

She never saw the damage from ground because hail damage is hard to spot.

"And I can’t describe it to you it’s really not something that like jumps out at you that is glaringly obvious but never the less it was there" said Julia Dufresne.

We also spoke with a project manager from TEC who explained why spotting hail damage is so difficult from the ground.

"You can't see hail damage from the ground especially, wind damage is almost always visible from the ground, its shingles that are torn off but hail damage is a different thing cause it's actually bruising to the shingle” He goes on to explain “ the under lament of the shingle is exposed and then what happens over time the sun dry rots and cracks the shingle and then overtime you’ll have leaking.”

But by that point it would be too late to make a claim.

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