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DPH release of vaccination numbers seen as tool to fight disease

HARTFORD –  The Department of Public Health Commissioner issued a letter to all superintendents and school nurses informing them of its plans to release immunization rate data by schools .

“Historically in Connecticut we have released this information by county only but there’s a lot of interest and this is why its like having another public health tool to help us improve vaccinations,” Head of Infectious Disease and State Epidemiologist Dr. Matthew Cartter said.

Department leaders said its purpose is to increase awareness about vaccine preventable diseases.

As of April 24th of this year, close to 700 cases of measles have been nationally in 22 states, including Connecticut.

According to DPH, the number of kindergarteners being vaccinated for measles, mumps and rubella was at a high last year, but records show that number is trending lower.

“If enough people in the population are vaccinated against measles, the measles virus cannot continue to spread from person to person that’s called herd immunity,” Dr. Cartter said

The Executive Director for the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents released the statement:

“This recent measles outbreak has been a real wake-up call regarding the importance of having all children immunized. We appreciate the Dept of Public Health for taking an active role in collecting this data for everyone’s benefit.”

The data would not identify students

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