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Simulator prepares police for making decisions under pressure

Three weeks ago, when the New Britain Police Department and Mayor Erin Stewart told the public about their new police training simulator, they couldn’t have had any idea how relevant this technology would become.

In a span of five days in mid-April, three Connecticut police departments would find themselves entrenched in controversial police shootings. The City of New Britain has now taken a major step forward to preventing these shootings.

The most sophisticated police training technology, The Milo Range Simulator, is now in the New Britain Police Academy. Police recruits and officers will now have the most advanced methods of preparing to calmly react in high stress situations. This is the only simulator in the state that combines driving an emergency vehicle in high stress situations with high risk armed encounters.

It’s impossible to predict human reaction under stress, but this training can help officer’s manage stressful responses.

The cost of the Milo Simulator is in the hundreds of thousands. But none of the cost was borne by the taxpayers. New Britain Police Chief Chris Chute used monies seized through asset forfeiture- monies seized from criminals.

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