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North Haven police looking for three credit card theft suspects from gym

NORTH HAVEN— Have you seen these suspects? North Haven police say they used stolen credit cards at several stores, racking up the bill.

According to police, the suspects made the purchases on April 18th. The card was stolen from a car while the owner was at a local fitness center in town.

Police say the suspects were able to charge over $7,800 to the card during purchases at the New Haven Apple store, North Haven Target, and North Haven T.J. Maxx.

We reached out to all three stores for comment and both Target and T.J.Maxx say they are cooperating police and Target saying they even supplied surveillance footage.

Police go on to say the suspects, while at other New Haven and North Haven locations, tried to charge another $10,000, but they were declined.

We spoke with gyms in the surrounding area who say after hearing about the incident they are now on high alert.

Joseph Longely who is the district manager of Club 24 in Wallingford said he was disappointed to hear about the theft.

Longely said, “I think it’s a responsibility of the gym to protect its members and their belongings.”

Longely says he tries his best to educate his customers about staying safe while going to the gym.

Longely said, “Lock, lock, lock, lock keep a lock on your belongings at all times even if its a T-shirt. You know for the most part of knowing our members.”

Members like Suzanne Goodison who said she was shocked to learn about the thefts.

Goodison said, “It makes me very upset that you can’t feel comfortable to go to a gym try to get healthy, workout and so forth without fearing for your belongings.”

Harold Helland who goes to North Haven Health and Racquet has a different view. He says he was angered when he heard of the incident.

Helland said, “I’d rather have somebody come up to me with a gun and ask me for my money that to go behind my back and do something scummy like that.”

If anyone has any information on the suspects, or recognize the car, they are asked to call Officer Keri Maciog at 203-239-5321 x 265.

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