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Bridgeport vet accused of performing unnecessary surgery, starving dog

BRIDGEPORT — Police arrested a veterinarian after they said he performed unnecessary surgery, and then starving the dog, and hitting a kitten during another surgery which upset one of his employees so much, she attempted to resign but was fired instead.

In December, 2018, a former employee at the Black Rock Animal Hospital contacted police and told them Dr. Amr Wasfi had been spaying a kitten and was in an agitated state. She said he raised his hand and struck the kitten with such force that it came free of it’s restraints and it’s intestines “popped out of it’s incision.” Wasfi then threw surgical tools around the room. She talked to another employee on staff and said she intended to file a complaint and resign her position.

The other employee met her the following day at the door to the clinic and told her that she had been fired.

In March, Animal control officers received a complaint from another client who said he had dropped his dog off in February for surgery. Over the course of the following six weeks, he was not allowed to see his dog, Monster.  When he called police to help get his dog back, he found the dog weighed 17 pounds less than when he went in to the clinic. The dog owner immediately took the dog to another clinic where they determined that the surgery performed on Monster was unnecessary. Monster was also suffering from infections and bleeding at the site of the surgery. He was also suffering from the effects of being deprived of proper nutrients for at least 10 days.

Doctors at the second clinic told police they considered the actions of Wasfi to be animal cruelty.

Police said Wasfi maliciously performed the surgery, for which he was paid more than $3,000, for monetary gain and caused Monster undue pain and ongoing suffering.

Wasfi, 74, was charged with Animal Cruelty and Larceny.

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