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Newly released video of officer involved shooting inspires more protests in Wethersfield

WETHERSFIELD-- A protest erupted in Wethersfield after officials released new video of the fatal police shooting of 18-year-old Anthony Vega-Cruz.

Organizers are now calling for the firing of the officer who shot Cruz.

Greg Brown was one of the first to speak at the demonstration and said, “After seeing that video there is no way I’m not going to be out here as much as I can fighting for justice.”

A woman who would not giver her last name, but goes by Jasmine also chimed in and said, “It broke my heart, ain’t nobody in the world should see or have to experience anything like that”

Organizers are calling for the immediate termination of the officer Layau Eulizier

Wethersfield police say the States Attorney investigation is still on-going and cannot comment at this time.

Lt. Michael Connolly who silently faced protestors said, “I’ve been ordered not to comment, so yes. I do feel bad standing here and I can’t say anything to them and I’m sympathetic to them I really am and I understand they are angry.”

Protesters even gathered in front of the Wethersfield mayor’s house demanding answers for the death of Anthony Vega Cruz and some are even calling for governor to speak out.

Rodney Williams, another leader in the community said, “He need to come out and say something, you know I don’t understand how, I’m, I know he see everything going on, he should say something.”

Police say they will wait until the investigation is complete to take further action.

Lt. Connolly said, “We’ll look at the whole case when everything is done internally when things come out from the internal investigation and if policy needs to be addressed or change then we will talk about that.”

We did speak with organizers and we were told that we can expect more activity from protestors in the future.

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