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Connecticut Uber drivers lobby for legislation that would allow them to keep 75% of fare

STAMFORD – Connecticut rideshare drivers joined in on an international strike against Uber and Lyft to lobby for better pay and transparency.

Connecticut drivers are also asking the company support a proposed state bill that would mandate drivers keep more of the money riders pay.

“It’s the bill that gives us the right to be respected, to not be used, that gives us to have time off, that gives the right to not have to work over a 100 hours a week,” driver Moses Dahn said.

Senate Bill 989 bill would mandate drivers keep 75 percent of the money riders pay. Along with joining in on a nationwide strike more than dozen drivers attempted to deliver a letter at Uber offices in Stamford but were told only one person could go in.

A spokesperson from Uber said in regards to the bill,  the proposed cap would make it financially impossible for Uber to subsidized insurance for drivers. They also explained, driver fares are not tied to what riders pay.

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