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Daytrippers: White Memorial Conservation Center

Getting outdoors and enjoying what our state has to offer is easy in the northwest corner of Connecticut,  thanks to a pair of distinguished Litchfield residents, brother and sister Alain and May White, who preserved nearly 9,000 acres of land back in the early 1900’s.

“It’s the largest wildlife sanctuary privately held in the state of Connecticut 4000 acres of open space 40 miles of hiking trails campgrounds” says Gerri Griswold.

The White Memorial Conservation Center Museum is full of taxidermy, hand painted murals and even a wall of history about the Whites and their contributions to our state.

The White Memorial Conservation Center will get you out to experience it all with a calendar full of events.

One popular spot is Apple Hill, where you have an unbeatable view of Bantam Lake.

Gerri’s adds “There’s so much beauty in this place there’s so much beauty in nature”

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