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MANCHESTER— Washington Elementary School Will soon be closing its doors for the last time. After June 30th the school will be looked at to be re-purposed.

“It's a little bit of an inconvenience,” said Carina Delacruz who has a child in kindergarten, “because it was the closest school to where I live.”

Torah Jones has a son in the same grade and also said, “I was a little saddened by it because I wanted him to continue his years here and finish.”

Both Jones and Delacruz say they are proud their children will be a part of history.

Washington Elementary will not be the only school to shut down. It will be apart of a larger plan to put every child in the 21st century.

Superintendent Matt Geary says the district will vote on a referendum in June to decide whether or not to re-purpose 4 schools and renovate 3 others.

Geary said, “We hope that every elementary school in Manchester will be in a brand new school.”

Geary said Washington will be one of the schools to be re-purposed.

Geary said, “If the referendum passes on the school side we will have two years of planning so 2020 and 2021 will be planning years and then we would renovate Buckley Elementary, Bowers Elementary and Kinnley Elementary School.”

If you would like to read more referendum please click here.

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