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DPH updates school-by-school data on vaccination rates in the state


HARTFORD — The Department of Public Health released an update to their initial release of data on Connecticut schools and vaccination rates.

DPH says personnel worked with school officials to identify and correct reporting errors.

As a result of this process, DPH has updated the kindergarten immunization rate data for 11 schools in Connecticut and updated 7th-grade data for five schools in the state.

Statewide, the kindergarten student immunization rate for measles mumps and rubella (MMR) is 96.5% – a number that factors in a 96.8% rate for public schools and a 91.6% rate for private schools.

The data show there are 102 schools in Connecticut where the kindergarten immunization rate for the MMR vaccine is below the federal guideline of 95%.

“I am glad we had this opportunity to update the school-based immunization data we released last week with slight corrections from a small number of schools,” said DPH Commissioner Renée Coleman-Mitchell.

“I appreciate the cooperation we have received from school officials across the state as we all take a closer look at detailed, localized school immunization data for the first time in Connecticut. I think we can clearly say at this point that although our overall percentage of young children immunized for dangerous diseases such as measles is strong, there are some pockets of vulnerability. Engaging in this healthy dialogue and raising awareness of vaccinations in the context of a major national measles outbreak is exactly why we felt compelled to release the data.”

Read the release below:

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