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Judge calls off trial over slain millionaire’s residency

CONCORD, N.H. — A New Hampshire judge has called off the upcoming probate court trial of Nathan Carman, accused by relatives of killing his millionaire grandfather for inheritance money, saying the grandfather was not a resident of the state.

Judge David King said Friday that John Chakalos lived in Connecticut, even though he had a New Hampshire driver’s license and registered to vote there.

A June trial had been scheduled for 24-year-old Nathan Carman, of Vernon, Vermont, who’s denied any role in his grandfather’s shooting death in Connecticut in 2013.

Carman also denies any role in the disappearance of his mother during a 2016 fishing trip. Carman’s three aunts believe Carman killed her and are trying to prevent him from inheriting the mother’s share of her father’s estate.

Carman said he is pleased with the ruling.

The Chakalos family released a statement on the ruling:

“The Chakalos family respectfully but strongly disagrees with the probate court’s opinion dismissing the slayer case on jurisdiction grounds. John immersed himself in New Hampshire where all of his adult and childhood friends live and where he constantly gave back to his community. He especially felt a part of Keene where he was from and Chesterfield where he built the home of his dreams, voted, and had many joy-filled occasions with his family and friends. The family is thoroughly considering its options for filing further actions in Connecticut and New Hampshire, to make sure that Nathan is held accountable for his lies, destruction of evidence and murderous conduct. The family believes the evidence is overwhelming that Nathan Carman murdered his grandfather, John Chakalos, and his mother, Linda Carman, to get millions of dollars for himself. Nathan went to New Hampshire to buy the semi-automatic assault weapon that he used to kill John Chakalos, and he continues to avoid answering questions about this and other damning evidence against him.” –

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