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Brunching for a Cause in Manchester

MANCHESTER - What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

“It means happiness to me,” said Julia Barnett

Family and giving back were the themes at the Knights of Columbus Campbell Council's 2nd-Annual Pancake Fundraiser held at St. Bridget’s Church Cafeteria.

“It’s wonderful, wonderful. It’s great to be here with my children," said Charlotte Boland. "It’s great to be here. Especially here at the church.”

Charlotte’s son Ed was hard at work in the kitchen prepping dozens of pancakes for the rush of families coming from Sunday morning mass. Half of the proceeds raised will be going to the Knights of Columbus local Charities while the other half is going to St. Gerard’s Center for Life in Hartford. The Center for Life provides pregnancy testing and counseling to mothers in need.

“Moms do so much for us that we feel that we want to give back to moms," said John Kriss. "We want them to take it easy and enjoy a nice breakfast.”

Across town, at Manchester Country Club the Rotary Club of Manchester was holding their annual Mother’s Day Breakfast. The breakfast is the longest running event in the chapter’s history.

“We had pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, juice, and fresh fruits,” said Lucy Hurston.

The breakfast also included music and even an appearance from Elsa of Disney’s Frozen. All proceeds from the event will go to supporting community projects hosted by the Rotary.

How or where your celebration is only part of what makes the day special. Bringing families together is what Mother's Day is all about.

"I have two sons," said Hurston. "I am a mother. A grandmother. There’s nothing more important in society than family."

"Celebrating a day, really every day, of being a mother", said Brenda Acevedo. "I enjoy being with my kids and loving my family."

To many, it’s thinking about the sacrifices their mothers have made for them. Gwendolyn Barnett’s mother helped their family immigrate to America at a young age for a chance at a better life which they ultimately received.

“It means a lot because of everything my mother is giving up for me and my older brother,” said Barnett.

“Mother’s Day is a time for spending time with your family and grandchildren," said Linda Barnett. "I just appreciate that they appreciate what we’ve done for them.”

For more on the Manchester Rotary Club visit their website by clicking here. More information on the Knights of Columbus local 573 by clicking here.

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