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May 2019 Above & Beyond Award: Edward Hampton

Edward Hampton

Respiratory Therapist & Paramedic


Nominated By: Therese Molinari

Edward is an amazing human being. Beginning his career as an engineer, he became a medic. He has been serving CT for over 20 years. He was named Paramedic of the Year.  He is a life saver, multiple times over. He is brilliant. In October 2018 Edward received his Associate's degree from NvCC as a certified Respiratory Therapist.  I am an Emergency Room nurse and have worked alongside Edward for so many years.  He single-handedly raised his 3 teenage children after the passing of his wife and continued to serve our communities with superior customer service.  He is the best, of the best.  If I or one of my loved ones EVER needed help, I could only be so blessed to have him at the head of that stretcher.  Please do not overlook this wonderful medic. Thank you so so much, Therese.


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