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Lost wedding ring in New Britain reunited with owner 50 years later

COLCHESTER -- Some people describe a ring being like a halo on your finger.

“I was walking on the sidewalk and I found this wedding band,” said Cindy Blackham of Colchester.

That is where this story starts but it wasn’t until Cindy delivered the eulogy at her mother’s funeral in November that things started to fall into place.

“Go do something nice,” Blackham said in the eulogy. “Do something for your neighbor, help somebody in need.”

In the weeks following her mother’s passing, Cindy wanted to share a piece of her mother’s jewelry with her daughter, Ashley. That is when Ashley uncovered the ring that Cindy had found back in 1969.

Ashley asked her mother who the ring belonged to, and was shocked when her mother replied that she had no idea. Cindy explained to her daughter that she had simply found the ring on the side of the road in New Britain when she was just eight years old and had held on to it ever since.

“I put it on for about a month, and I walked around like an eight-year-old pretending I was married,” said Cindy.

Fast forward to today, and Ashley happens to be a data analyst, and noticed there was an inscription on the inside of the ring, and quickly got to work.

“Snap, and just like that she had it,” said Cindy.

With the help of, and BeenVerified, Ashley was able to find the marriage registry in Connecticut matching with the date and the initials etched inside of the ring. A couple of clicks and taps later, and the mother-daughter pair found a phone number, so, Cindy picked up the phone and made the call.

“Did you ever lose a ring in New Britain, Connecticut,” said Cindy. “She said, I didn’t, but my husband did, and I said, well I have that ring.”

Ed and Renata Simpson were floored.

“If somebody said to me you have a choice of trying to win the lottery, or find a ring that you lost 50 years ago, I would have taken the odds on the lottery.”

The Simpsons thought that the ring was gone forever, a piece of their marriage lost.

“When you’re young back 50 years ago, it’s a lot of money to buy a ring like that,” said Ed. “So you obviously wouldn’t run out, and just buy another one, so I was kind of shattered that I lost it.”

At least two years went by, and when the couple returned to Renata’s home country in Italy, her mother immediately noticed Ed’s missing ring.

“Right away, without saying anything, she went to the local jewelry store, and she came back with the ring for the wedding band and said, put it on,” said Renata.

Up until Cindy’s phone call in December of 2018, that was the ring that Ed had been wearing for the last 49 years. When the couple reunited with Cindy to get their ring back, Ed decided to gift his current wedding band back to Renata.

“I lost my mother 20 years ago, and I feel the same way that Cindy feels about her mother, that they’re really watching over us,” said Renata. “Many things happened after my mother died that I always felt she was part of it.”

The return of the ring could not have been timed more perfectly.

“This year is going to be our 50th anniversary, and it just so happens that it’s gold, and here it is, we’re getting our wedding band in the year that is our 50th anniversary,” said Renata. “Plus, I am getting back the wedding band that my mother bought for Ed, I put it on my finger, and I’ll keep it forever, so the whole thing is really very meaningful to us.”

Two mothers looking over their daughters, the circle of life ringing out across generations.

“My mom was the first person I wanted to call when this happened,” said Cindy. “But I thought… she knows, she knows.”

This new connection now strengthening the bond between Cindy and her daughter as well.

“That I was able to give some peace to my mom was the most rewarding because to her, we could not have done this without believing that my grandmother had been a part in it,” said Ashley.

“To think that the reason we have our ring is that she lost her mother, in other words, she never would have been showing her daughter the jewelry from the jewelry box,” said Ed. “So, it is crazy how things just go in a big circle.”

The golden ring, now back with its rightful owners just in time for Ed and Renata to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary this June.

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