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Dems respond to GOP long term transportation investment plan

HARTFORD -- In back to back press conferences Thursday afternoon, Democrats and Republicans traded statements on the future of state transportation funding.

Connecticut Senate and House Republicans presented  their long term transportation investment plan which includes their plan for tolls in Connecticut.

Highlights of the plan are:

Establishment of  a three year fiscal schedule for specific repairs updated on a quarterly basis.

Establish a five year construction plan

GOP leaders said they were in agreement that the state needs to fund transportation.

They proposed re-establishing a a long term strategy board.

They want to identify the five worst bridges in the state and work with federal and state agencies to determine the best way to fund repairs.

A short time later in a hastily called press conference, Governor Ned Lamont said, "Just borrowing and studying is not a real solution." In response to a question on whether the GOP was trying to avoid a vote on the issue, Lamont said, "I think so."

Senate President Pro Tempore Martin M. Looney (D-New Haven) and Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) issued a statement in response to the Republican press conference:

“Our preference is to find a bipartisan solution to solving Connecticut’s transportation infrastructure problems. We thank Senator Fasano for his latest proposal and look forward to reviewing the details. However, for clarity, if the House passes a transportation bill including tolls, we intend to vote on that bill. Finding a responsible, long-term plan to invest in Connecticut's transportation infrastructure remains a priority of the Senate Democratic caucus.”

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