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Video shows masked man trying to enter Bristol home

BRISTOL -- People in one Bristol neighborhood are on alert after a doorbell camera captured a masked man attempting to open a woman’s front door.

It happened Sunday evening on Genovese Road. The video shows the masked man knock on the door, pull the door handle, wipe his prints off before walking away.

Kathleen Frascarelli said she heard the knock  but by the time she got down stairs the person was gone.

“The window was open so I yelled can I help you, he didn’t answer, I yelled the second time and then he put the lights off and took off.”

She watched the footage from her doorbell camera and realized it was a strange man and decided to call police.

“The police did come and they are the ones who realized he had a mask on,”

After contacting police, Frascarelli said she decided to post it on social media to warn her fellow neighbors.

“So other people would be warned and you know if this happens to them to check who is at the door.”

Bristol police say they are investigating in the meantime neighbors are reminding each other to make sure to lock their doors.

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